FUNNY RUBBISH: The Simpsons: Is it worth suffering for?

by Brock Sampton

Sooooooo tired.....

well, actually today I'm not all that tired since I slept until 7:30.

But many times I have to get up at 6am and then it's heck. I feel so tired all day, I can barely think straight.

Is the problem health related?

No, It's Simpsons related. The Simpsons is on from 22:30 until around 23:30.

The season that's on now isn't particularly good. Sometimes it is.

Now, 23:30 is much too late to go to bed if you're going to get up at 6am.

Yet, that's what usually happens. I can't NOT watch it. There's something about little drawn animations that I'm addicted to.

But, at some point I'm going to have a breakdown because every day I'm more tired than the one before it.

There's only one solution: Not watching it.

Or is it worth the suffering?